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  • Oil storage tank with floating roof structure: The floating roof in the steel shaft oil storage tank can effectively reduce the volatilization consumption of oil, because the gas space on the oil liquid surface in the floating roof storage tank is small, the exhaust volume is low, and the breathing loss is very small. That can reduce the volatilization loss caused by the "big breath" of the steel shaft. Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of steel shaft: regularly check the sealing conditions of oil storage tanks, and check and maintain important auxiliary equipment to ensure good sealing performance.

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FST Golf Shafts | Steel Shafts Femco Steel Technology (FST) is committed to continuous improvement and development of high-quality and high-performance golf shafts. FST, a reliable source of steel shafts for large golf equipment companies in its early years, has now become the second largest source of steel golf shafts in the world. Steel Golf Shafts - Hireko Golf Steel Shafts Hireko offers an extensive selection of steel golf shafts to build your own custom clubs or re-shaft your existing clubs. Choose from 0.370" parallel tip and 0.355" taper tip models in broad range of weights.

Steel Wood Shafts | Golf Components | Value Golf

Steel shafts twist far less on off-center hits than graphite shafts do, making it easier to control the direction of the ball. Also, steel shafts are usually more consistently manufactured than graphite ones, meaning youll have a better idea of what kind of distance youll get each time you use a steel shaft club. Steel Shafts | McMaster-Carr Choose from our selection of steel shafts in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. Steel Iron Shafts | Golf Components | Value Golf Steel shafts dont twist as much as graphite ones do, which means your shots will be more likely to fly straighter. Kick point also relates to a shafts flexibility; steel shafts generally have higher kick points, which means lower ball trajectory. We sell steel iron shafts made by KBS, FST, and Apollo.

Metals Depot - 1045 TGP Steel Round Shafting

C1045 TGP Turned, Ground & Polished Round, is a medium carbon cold drawn steel round that has been ground and polished to a high degree of concentricity, surface perfection, straightness, and overall accuracy. Use C1045 TGP Precision Round when a higher degree of added strength, dimensional accuracy and straightness are required.

Structural steel alloy steel plates are unaffected by high temperatures due to their Molybdenum content, creating rock-like bodies. Combustible industries involve high-temperature procedures, where assemblies made from cheap steel can wither away. Alloy steel sheets steel shaft are robust, recyclable, and have enhanced surface quality. A balance between both Steel and chromium forms DIN 15 Mo3 Alloy Steel plates imperious to oxidation and erosion, with brittle-free hardenability from Steel and Chromium. They don't age or decay, are anti-corrosion and have excellent thermal and heat conductivity.

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